Businesses are being encouraged to invest in their workforce to support their continued growth.

HR expert Alison Schreiber from the Durham branch of the HR Dept is urging employers to think about the long-term benefits of training and development.

Alison, who is the resident HR expert for the Peterlee and Seaham business park groups, said: “Training and development can often be seen as expensive or time consuming and be bumped down a list of priorities. But if it’s done well it can provide a significant return on investment whilst building both the trainee and the business.

“You may ask, what happens if we train them and they leave, but the real question should be, what happens if we don’t train them and they stay.

“Employees who receive training are more likely to feel valued, more confident and remain loyal to an organisation who has invested in their development.”

Alison believes staff members will thrive by being put through continuous training and development, which in turn reduces the risk of them feeling stuck or unmotivated.

She added: “Continuous training and development can motivate your workforce, boost productivity and enhance the likeliness of employee loyalty. It can also futureproof your business and prepare your employees for industry advancements and changes in technology, keeping you ahead of the competition.

“Lifelong learning has proven to be the key to not just a sustainable workforce, but a profitable business.”

To make the most out of training for employees, businesses are recommended to think ahead in addition to the here and now.

Alison advises that through forecasting people management, you can consider where skills gaps might occur five years down the line and train your employees accordingly.