This event, on Thursday, August 20, at 11am will help businesses on the furlough scheme, how to ensure a Covid-19 safe workspace, news ways of working & potential redundancies.

The Job Retention Scheme has supported many employers through the Covid-19 pandemic. With flexible furlough from 1st July, employer contributions starting from August 1st and increasing each month and the end of the scheme is in sight, this raises a lot of questions – affordability of bringing staff back, how to ensure a Covid 19 safe workplace, new ways of working and potential redundancies.

This event is aimed at answering some of the questions that businesses may have in tackling these issues.

The Peterlee and Seaham Business Network have teamed up with our regular HR contributor, Alison Schreiber who is Director of The HR Dept, Durham and The H&S Dept, Durham to provide businesses with some answers surrounding these HR and H&S topics.

  • The latest on the Job Retention Scheme
  • Ensuring you have a Covid-19 secure workplace
  • Returning employees to work
  • Flexible (part-time) furlough
  • New ways of working
  • Making redundancies
  • Common issues
  • Q and A

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